Pre-Wiring Plans

Wired light fixture
When blue prints are constructed for a home, the electrical diagrams are usually specified according to the building codes for that area. At Infinity Electric, we go beyond the codes requirements to create a pre-wiring design that makes your home more functional when it comes to electrical. Pre-wiring, the installation of structured wiring inside the home’s walls and floors, prepares your home for the electronic devices used throughout your home. Infinity Electric electricians are skilled in creating pre-wiring plans for every type of residential building.

If you’re building a new residential building, you need a custom, high quality pre-wiring plan. You can trust Infinity Electric to deliver the best pre-wiring plan for your job. You will benefit from our expertise and our dedication to our customers. Call Infinity Electric today to learn how we can provide a pre-wiring plan for your residential construction project.